Where do I start if I want to get into Cloud?

I and my friend went to have tea on Saturday morning. Since he is a CTO of a small start-up that does pretty much everything including development which trigger me to ask him about technologies he is using at this company. So I started questioning him about which language he used, and of course about the cloud. He revealed to me that he started by watching a course online called AWS Fundamental and kind of lost. Because of that, it triggers me to write this article and share some of my experiences on how I got into Cloud.

I have been working as a developer since I graduated from school. My first job was Cobol then transitioned to a full-stack developer using PHP. I know those two are quite old these days and we are not going to talk about it. So let get to how I started with Cloud.

As you know that AWS has a ton of services and today I am going to start with Serverless. I choose this because of the good benefits why you should consider serverless. No need to manage a server, pay as you go: you do not get a bill if you do not use it, let you focus on writing code business logic.

How does that sound to you? Are you ready to get into more of this?

So I have a lot of options for you to choose from and you can start with any of them. However, if you can’t decide which one. Hit me up on Twitter or LinkedIn.

  1. I’ve created a blog post about building a slack chat bot. I think this one could be a good start for you and I have GitHub repo plus code.
  2. Serverless-stack.com website is also a good option. they are lots of examples that you can try.
  3. Serverless: Zero to Paid Professional from Serverless Guru.

Then when you have been familiar with tools, services, and code. I would recommend scheduling an exam started with Cloud Practitioner. Studying for certification is giving you a deeper knowledge understanding of the cloud and higher architecture.

let me know if this article is helpful for you or if you have any comments. Please feel free to reach out on Twitter or Linkedin.

Nadtakan Futhoem — Sr. Software Engineer

Founder of Nadtakan.com & Serverless Cloud developer. Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/NadtakanF