1. Including flag --use-container , this flag will download an image from ECR public registry, then build your application inside docker without having to configure your local node version on your machine. This image is own by Amazon Linux and same version inside lambda itself.
  2. An out-dated SAM version might not include the current node version which is why you are getting an error, so to fix this, try to reinstall a current SAM version.
brew install aws-sam-cli
sam --version
nvm install node 14
Nadtakan Futhoem — Sr. software engineer
  • Requires minimal configuration
  • Management of encryption keys managed by AWS
  • All you need to do is to upload your data and S3 will handle all other aspects
  • Allow S3 to use the Key Management Service to generate data…
  • Stores and generates encryption keys
  • Can be used by AWS to encrypt your data
  • Uses HSMs that are managed by AWS
  • Less management control than CloudHSM
Nadtakan Futhoem — Sr. Software Engineer

Customer Master Keys(CMK)

  • This key can encrypt data up to 4KB in size
  • It is typically used in relation to your DEKs
  • The CMK can generate, encrypt and decrypt this DEK
  • These are used by other…
Relational Database Service(RDS)
  • During the creation of your RDS database, you may enable encryption at the Configure Advanced Settings screen
  • Keys can be issued by KMS using AES-256
  • It’s not possible to set…

  • Unencrypted data can be read by anyone who has access to it whether this data is stored at rest or sit in between two locations in transit. It knows as plaintext or clear text data.
  • The data is plain to see and can be seen and understood by any recipient…

Nadtakan Futhoem

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